Friday, January 22, 2010

Give into Adventure & Let Yourself Live

Going along with relationship troubles, a significant contributor to the problems and frustrations many experience in their love life occurs when the instigator of a relationship encounters another individual who withholds their feelings out of fear of something new and different; or simply the fear and paranoia of another emotional letdown caused by allowing a new intimate relationship into their lives.
I personally have had many experiences in which, even when I have approached another individual expressing my interest and intrigue with them, many seem to shy away and be more reserved than they initially seemed to come across. I have concluded that the explanation for this odd and inconvenient change in behavioral and social patterns is that many people are intimidated by me. Apparently in this world brains, an independent disposition, a strong personality, and a striking appearance can be both a blessing and a curse. Many men are afraid to approach me out of fear of rejection and thus personal humiliation: they automatically assume that tall, thin, blonde means instantly taken, which to their disadvantage, robs them of an opportunity to make a new friend or get to know someone who could change their lives for the better. I am not being egotistical, but merely providing an example from my own personal experiences to give advice to others who may not see it from these alternative angles.

Many women I know automatically assume there is something wrong with themselves that makes them unapproachable; they begin to get down on themselves because they fear their loneliness is simply the result of their outer appearance, their age, their social standing, etc. When in fact, it is because most men are easily intimidated, and those who are not are simply using a massive ego to conceal some underlying insecurity which is also easily provoked. It is very simple: especially with those who have recently been dubbed as "single" or has left a long term, on and off relationship to find something new and different and better.

People are scared of trying new things, having adventure, and living in the moment...and with relationships this fear can cause hesitation which can prove to be very disadvantageous in ones pursuit of companionship and even life in general.

Never Be Afraid to Try New Things & Live in the Moment...

...or you will deprive yourself of all life's little adventures and joys that makes it worth living
keeps you feeling ALIVE...
It seems that no matter how I present myself or try to seem as neutral/harmless as possible,
I still intimidate those whom I approach, even in the friendliest of manners and mindsets...but it
took me a few years to figure out that it was not because I was unattractive or overbearing...but
because of others' fears of something new and different that I was getting little to no response from
those with whom I attempted to kindle a friendship or even relationship...
My point being, from past experience through present, no matter what, do NOT allow yourself
to become discouraged or put down by these little bumps in the road. Just continue with your
efforts to make yourself happy and find your niche in this world...and most importantly...

Do NOT be afraid to allow yourself to have fun
and live life to the FULLEST.... owe it to yourself to be willing to try new things and stop constantly worrying about what
it is that tomorrow will bring...Be reasonable and responsible, of course...but I urge you more than anything
to learn to
Live for the moment
Live in the moment

...if you cannot allow yourself to do what makes you happy and live for what you crave... for what you
LOVE...what you YEARN for ...then what would life be worth living for?

The meaning of life? Adventure

"In the time it takes to say the word ‘now’, that moment has already slipped from our grasp. And while we can’t hang onto the present, it’s the most real thing we have. We alone decide how to make the best use of the here and now."

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