Sunday, October 24, 2010

$$$ Money Isn't Happiness, People $$$

My boyfriend's family is very well off; the dad make nearly 1/4 of a million every year, the mom works too, and they can afford virtually anything their hearts could desire, yet they are still unhappy. Why you ask? I have been told that their marriage is next to perfect: the flame is still there, they love each other to the ends of the earth, the romance is present no matter where they are....but they fight. Over MONEY. Having a net worth of at least a couple million with their private golf-course, gated community neighborhood, I have never heard of a bigger waste of life. Especially when it begins to damage their son's self-esteem, self worth, and overall outlook on life. I want to just scream.

Recently, I have found a few sayings to keep in mind when it comes to stressing out over money. I wanted so badly to send them to his miser of a father, but I did not want to be ousted from the family, because I know if you plan on marrying someone, you automatically marry their family too. I have to pick my battles, and trying to talk sense into this power-monger would be pointless and impossible. Not only because the money skews his perspective and priorities in life, but because he would automatically disregard anything I had to say because I'm only 19 and have a vagina: pretty sad. But yea, enough of my venting about parents who do more damage than good, here is the list of sayings to prevent miser-ism from creeping up on you when you are in a pinch or when you are allowing the joy to be sucked out of your life by green paper with faces of the presidents on them:

For Epicurus, happiness is the absence of either physical pain or mental suffering. He is not interested in an ostentatious display of either wealth or joy, but rather the inner tranquility that comes from leading a good life.

on Wealth and Happiness: Money is Not the Key to Living a Good Life


The poor complain about the money they can't get and the rich complain about the money they can't keep.

Fools sometimes make money but money also sometimes makes fools.

Laziness is like money - the more a man has of it the more he wants.

The best thing that parents can spend on their kids is time - not money.

A budget enables you to spend money without enjoying it.

A budget is an attempt to live below your yearnings.

It's better to live richly, than to die rich.

No amount of riches can atone for poverty of character.

In your search for riches, don't lose the things that money can't buy.

Contentment in life arrives not from great wealth, but from simple wants.

It is what we value, not what we have, that makes us rich.

Those who lose sight of health in the pursuit of wealth usually wind up losing both.

Some give according to their means, and some according to their meanness.

A miser might be pretty tough to live with, but he often makes a nice ancestor.

Last Christmas a stingy father told his children that Santa Claus had been drafted into the army.

An upright man can never be a downright failure.

It is not by purse, but by character that you are rich or poor.

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